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9 Cheap(ish) Kitchen Workhorses Made to Last (Local Tips & Reviews)

How companies handle warranties and replacement parts can make a big difference in the longevity of a product. Look for companies that offer long warranties (which reflect how long they expect their products to last), repair programs, and replacement parts. Some examples: Espro, which makes our French press pick, the P3 French Press, sells replacement parts for almost every component of the press; with small investments, the P3 could last decades. Vitamix, maker of our top-pick blender, offers long warranties and some replacement parts, and it will repair blenders up to 20 years old. OXO has a reputation for great customer service and guarantees many (but not all) of its products for life; anecdotally, we’ve heard of OXO sending replacement parts for our top-pick coffee maker even out of warranty. Baratza, which makes our favorite coffee grinders, has a repair program and also sells replacement parts. Cuisinart and KitchenAid make it pretty easy to find and purchase replacement parts even for discontinued products on their websites.

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